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This "Homeowner Page" has been created to help members of the STEP Association understand the system installed on their property and to provide online access to all documents and records created and maintained by the Step Board of Directors.
The initial intent of the Home Owner page was to provide members with an education on how their systems are configured, whats included in a typical system, they type of maintenance activities that should performed and to provider contacts you can call should you have trouble. Underneath the Home Owner Page header will see several subpages. Each sub-page contains a brief description that explains the materials within the selected page. To get started click on any of the sub-pages you see. In both the "STEP System Design" and "STEP System Shutoff" you will find pictures and written descriptions explaining on how the system works and what needs to be done to keep the system problem free.

The picture on this page shows a typical STEP riser structure installed on Canterwood properties. On the Step System Design page we provide you with information on what's below each riser, its function and what you need to do to maintain it. If you want more detail on the system Go into the "Key Documents" page and you will find a Homeowner STEP Information document.

Also included is a Service Providers page. Within this page we have listed some of the known providers that service these types of systems. The Board is not recommending that use these specific providers but we have included them in hopes that it will make your search for professional support quicker and easier.

If this site does not answer all of your questions please contact me via eMail and I will add or enhance our information