• Tacoma Pierce County Health Department (TPCHD) sent me a letter stating that some aspect of my STEP system needs attention. What should I do?
    Canterwood STEP System owners may receive such communications from Tacoma Pierce County Health Department on occasion.  In all cases to date, these letters were sent in error. Onsite wastewater treatment systems (tanks and associated drain fields) are regulated by TPCHD.  STEP systems have no drain fields, our wastewater flows to the City of Gig Harbor for treatment, and therefore are not regulated by TPCHD. Unfortunately, the TPCHD information management system can have an error where a house is not noted as a STEP system member.   We have worked with TPCHD management to correct errors, but mistakes can happen.  

    If you receive a letter, you can explain to the TPCHD representative that you are in a STEP system and ask what documentation they will need to correct their records.  If that effort is unsuccessful or they require documentation that you need help providing, please forward all related communication materials/documentation/notes of your conversation(s) to the STEP Association Board, who will contact TPCHD management for resolution.  Above all,
    do not schedule any service based on a letter from TPCHD until the issues can be fully investigated.