• How can I maintain my system to keep my costs and my sewer bill costs down?
    You have 3 areas that affect your direct costs—Frequency of solids tank pumping, other maintenance, and leaking faucets and fixtures in your house.
    - To keep your solids tank pumping to a minimum, limit garbage disposal use (some jurisdictions do not even allow them to be installed in houses) and do not flush hygiene products or wipes. Leaking fixtures affect your water and electric bills.
    - Leaking equipment adds costs more quickly than expected and should be corrected. Indirect costs (our sewer bills) affect you and the entire community. Leaking house equipment, infiltration and inflow of irrigation and rainwater through cracked and/or leaking tank lids or faulty underground pipe joints can allow hundreds of gallons of water to enter your system and therefore the overall system. The City charges the Association for each gallon of wastewater flowing to the treatment plant. Infiltration and inflow is a problem we need to correct as soon as it is discovered to keep all costs down.
    - Lastly, you need to understand where your equipment is located, e.g., shutoff valve, vaults and controller box, and how they operate. Keeping your shutoff valve box, system lids, and controller box open/exposed is your responsibility. Aside from being a best practice, knowing the locations and having access will save you time and expense in the event an operational issue occurs. Cleaning your system filter annually will also reduce pump wear and keep your system functioning properly.