• I do not know where my septic tank lids are located. How do I find them and why is it important to know where they are?
    Builders are required to create As-Built drawings showing the location of the STEP system on your property. Builders are required to deliver these As-Built to the STEP Association and include them in the buyers packet. If you cannot locate these drawings in you purchase materials contact a STEP Board member to see if they have a copy of your drawing. If no As-Built is found check with the previous homeowners or neighbors to see if they can quickly help with the location of your system
    If drawings do not exist you can:
    - gently probe the ground around suspected areas. Probes will stop at a uniform depth due to the flat 24-36” wide lid surface.
    - Call a Service providers who, for an hourly fee, will use a series of techniques to locate the tanks and lids, including probing the ground and digging. More involved efforts might include ground penetrating radar, energizing the tracing wire associated with the line, or metal detection in hopes of finding the screws that secure the lid. If the house is occupied and there is snow or heavy frost on the ground, lid locations may show as circular snow/frost free spots due to the warmer wastewater contents. You can consult the Homeowner section of this website for more information.

    Your system needs to be maintained and maintenance access can only be obtained via the lids. Repair costs and system down-time will be much greater if you must find and uncover the lids.