• My STEP System Alarm is going off, what do I do?
    There are several situations that can cause your pump alarm to sound. These include:
    1) Your pump has been shut off inadvertently or the breaker has tripped
    2) The power was recently restored to your home and the tank is full
    3) Your pump controllers/float switches or pump have failed
    4) It's raining hard and the pump is unable to keep up with the water coming in (an issue that needs correction as noted above)
    5) There is a pipe blockage which does not allow your pump to empty the tank
    6) Your filter is plugged and outflows are impeded
    7) Your back-flow preventor has failed and allowing STEP system wastewater to flow into your tank 

    To view the Alarm Support document Click on: Silencing Your Septic Tank Alarm

    Note: Before you call anyone make sure that the current situation wasn't caused by a tripped breaker, the shut-off switch, or a recently powered up pump. In the case of 1), 2) or 4) above, the alarm will be going off because the pump has not caught up from a power outage or there may be so much water coming into the system that the pump is unable to keep up with the inflow. Before calling a service provider after checking the power, we recommend you wait for 30 to 60 minutes to see if the alarm stops. If it continues to sound, then it's likely you have a faulty pump or pump control module or a blocked line to the road. To have your system serviced, go to the Home Owners page then to Service Providers and select a provider from that list or go to the web where you will find additional companies to service your system.