• I am selling my property. What are the requirements for septic/STEP system inspection or service?
    This question requires a two-part answer that addresses requirements of the regulating agencies/organizations and what maybe required by those involved in the sales transaction.  
    Neither Tacoma Pierce County Health Department or the Canterwood STEP Association requires any action related to your Septic/STEP system prior to sale of your property.
    Note, there is often confusion on this point from service providers/pumpers and real estate agents as STEP system requirements are different than conventional septic systems. Pierce County does not regulate STEP systems in any way and therefore the County inspection RSS (Report of System Status) process required for conventional systems does not apply. The STEP Association has no inspection or service requirements for the sale of a home.   Sellers, buyers and/or lending institutions may determine/stipulate any factors they choose to require as a condition of sale. Sellers may have their septic tank pumped and evaluated as a maintenance bonus or to preemptively address potential buyer concerns.