• Are there fees or reports that Pierce County requires when I have my septic tank pumped or STEP system serviced/repaired?
    Yes, when your septic tank is pumped. 
    No, when your septic system is merely inspected or repaired. Pierce County Environmental Health Code Chapter 2 section 43A requires septic pumpers to report when they transport sewage within the county, which would be the case after pumping your tank. There is a county fee of approximately $60 for this reporting. Aside from this, the county has no other fees or any specific jurisdictional requirements for STEP systems. Inspections or repairs do not require the full RSS (Report of System Status) reporting and associated fees as with traditional septic systems. Service providers should not charge any county fees for inspection or repairs and if they do and are unwilling to remove the charge, homeowners can register a complaint at https://eco.tpchd.org/#/subm5/1 and report the issue to a Board member.