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This site was developed to provide members with knowledge and understanding of the STEP System installed on their property. In order to reduce and contain the City of Gig Harbors monthly billing each owner must do their part to maintain the integrity of the system. Failure to properly maintain your system can allow both rain and irrigation water to enter your storage tanks. That excess water is then pumped into the associations STEP system where it all passes through a City water meter. Since billing is based on volume this excess increases the monthly Billing by the City which in turn is passed on to each home owner with a STEP account.

The pages on this website are intended to educate and inform every owner on how the system functions and the maintenance that should be performed annually. We have used graphics and text to explain each component a homeowner is responsible for. This site contains information each member needs to understand how the system works and where the critical components of the system can be found within their

In developing this site we know there are topics not addressed and areas not as clear as they could be. If you have ideas or suggestions feel free to pass them on to any of the board members listed on the right.

Thank You
Canterwood STEP Association Board of Directors